Chris Griswold

<font size="+2"><b>Unlock your comedy potential with Christopher Griswold-Jenkins.</b></font> With over 25 years teaching worldwide, Chris is the Assistant Director of the Center for Comedic Arts at Emerson College and is a world-class improv coach. They blend inclusivity and innovative teaching...
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Pat Kearnan

A performer since 2012 and a coach since 2015, I am dedicated to long form improv. My approach splits improv into two parts: The Scene & The Show. In this approach The Scene comes first, meaning scene quality is my initial and primary focus, which means scenework is highly prioritized over for...
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Timothy Booker

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Matthew Fear

Currently performing in Actually Banksy (All Form) and Something Wicked (Improvised Shakespeare) and coaching The Elderberry Jam. I am also currently teaching levels 101 and 201 at ImprovBoston. I have been performing improv since 1994 and have gone through all the levels of the IBCS as well as A...
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Rachel Jane Andelman

I've been involved in improv since 2011. I have 3 years experience as a resident cast performer at ImprovBoston and 1.5 years experience as a resident cast director. Additionally, I've performed on House Teams at Improv Asylum, am a cast member of Magic: The Gathering: The Improv Show, a show tha...
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John Serpico

With over ten years directing and teaching improv, John Serpico is one of Boston's most experienced coaches. His credits as a director include Dear Internet (2007, single location longform), Face Off (2012-2015, competitive freeform), Quest (2014, serialized narrative longform), The ImprovBoston ...
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Devin Quinlan

Devin has over 5 years of longform improv performing experience and over 2 years of directing experience, most recently having directed ImprovBoston Harold Night team, The Moon. Devin can direct a variety of different styles and forms, including Harold, Spokane/Pretty Flower, linear/narrative lon...
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David Thomas

David Thomas has been performing improv for over 5 years now both at ImprovBoston as part of Harold Night, All-Access and Face Off, as well as numerous indie projects including Cuddle Party, The Oregon Fail: You Have Died of Comedy, Bistany's Mysteries, Naffy Improv and Somewhereville. My #1 g...
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Sara Teague

Sara began studying and performing improv and sketch at UCB in 2009. Currently, she is directing and performing on ImprovBoston's Harold Night, performs regularly with acclaimed indie teams, Naffy and SITMO, and she is a member of the Chicago City Limits Touring Company. Sara has been a membe...
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Kristina Stapelfeld

Kristina Stapelfeld has been directing and performing improv since 2012. She is currently performing on ImprovBoston’s Harold Night, she's a member of the all-female indie team Dangerfield and also regularly performs in showcase shows at ImprovBoston. Kristina has performed at festivals like the ...
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